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Artist Statement

Vincent Donato’s work reveals itself by way of repetition. A constant across the work, the image of the rose, renders all other variables that much more significant— the thickness or transparency of the paint applied to canvas, the sense of noise or calm created by color and obsessive or subtle mark-making. 

These considerations result in visceral compositions that speak to a range of emotions, constituting a visual journal in which each entry is a different shade of existentialism. Executed by crossing a rage of selected mediums presenting something that's visually fragile yet detrimental just like the rose.

 Looking to alternate the image as object, object as image, reminding us of the inevitable contradictions that define mortal existence.  


Vincent Donato Roselli (b. 1995) is a self-taught artist from Staten Island, NY. His first exposure to painting was graffiti, and he continues to incorporate old school street art methods in his practice. Vincent creates within a chaotic studio space, utilizing a variety of found substances from dust on the floor to old brush water left in glass jars. He favors distorted brushes across mediums such as plaster, beeswax, oil paint, and natural pigment. In addition to working on canvas, Vincent constructs mobile and mounted sculptures with annealed steel wire and mixed industrial materials that he salvages from all over the city. As well as his latest study of experimenting with a engraving like technique of mono printmaking. 

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