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Misunderstandings 2023
Pop up Exhibition

May 4th - 6th

28 Henry St, New York, NY, 10002

Opening Reception: Thursday 6 - 9pm

Zion 2023.jpg


“To say less but do more, the depth of simplicity through art" - Vincent Donato


Vincent Donato’s work reveals itself by way of repetition. A constant across the work, the image of the rose, renders all other variables that much more significant— the thickness or transparency of the paint applied to canvas, the sense of noise or calm created by color and obsessive or subtle mark-making. These considerations result in visceral compositions that speak to a range of emotions, constituting a visual journal in which each entry is a different shade of existentialism. 


In Zion, bold red suggests both strength and intensity, an experience that can be simultaneously empowering and overwhelming. Shift, with its downward fluid motion, complementary blues and peachy yellows, and the obscuring of the rose, underscores both the bliss and bleakness of solitude. Donato’s sculptural work in wire and chain, which he calls Wreaths, are akin to desecrated ritual objects. They seem to commemorate celebratory moments twinged with loss. 


The nuanced character of each work places past and present on the same plane. The meeting of reflection and reality is where Misunderstandings come to light.

Written by: Hannah Eve Rothbard

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